Play Therapy

Is your child facing behavioural issues?

Are you worried that things aren't getting better?

You would like to try therapy but there's so much information out there, you don’t know where to start.

You have read about traditional 'talk' therapies but they are either complicated and costly or seem to work better for adults than children.

What if there's a better way?

We know of a different way that is more cost effective way and it works better with children.

Play therapy is an effective form of therapy developed by Virginia Axline(1946) that uses the therapeutic powers of play to help children manage their difficulties and become happy and well-adjusted.

It is a way of helping the child express their experiences and feelings within a safe and playful environment. It uses different modalities such as music, drama, dance, sandplay, puppets, story-telling and art to resolve psychological and social challenges that children face.

Today, it is recognised as one of the most effective forms of therapeutic intervention because it uses a child's natural language — which is play.

“Enter into child's play, and you'll find a place where their hearts, mind and soul meets" – Virginia Axline

Play therapy has many benefits:

  • Provides a safe place for children to express their thoughts and feelings.
  • Allows children to discover their natural, inner resources for healing.
  • Facilitates the development of self esteem, problem-solving and coping skills.
  • Supports emotional healing and growth.
  • Fosters a child’s ability to make friends and to understand the world he or she lives in.
  • Encourages children to be confident and focused.
  • Fosters imagination and creativity.
  • A safe environment for children for whom talking is difficult.


“In play therapy, toys are like the child’s words and play is the child’s language.” – Dr. Garry Landreth

Good Pathways has provided professional therapy services since 2013

Good Pathways was founded in Singapore by Elaine Chua to provide child-centred play therapy, family therapy services and therapy for trauma.

Elaine together with Grace Koh, our play therapist have combined their mutual passion for families and children to provide therapeutic services that restore mental health and wholeness by tapping into the transforming powers of play.

Hear what our clients & parents have to stay about our work


"My child used to be afraid of school, and would refuse to go on some days. We were worried and stressed. Thankfully, through the sessions of play therapy, he doesn’t have that fear of school anymore and loves school. He also used to be shy, but now he is more comfortable playing with other children. Grace would share useful resources that we could use at home with him, such as deep breathing exercises and children’s books on emotions. My child enjoyed going to play therapy and we are grateful that play therapy really helped him."

- Teresa, Executive, Mother of 2.


“The sessions gave my child the right space to express herself and to talk about what she wanted without worrying about how her parents would react. There was someone (the therapist) she knew she could say and do anything with. It’s my therapist’s flexibility and how nice she was to my child, that my child really respond to her”

- Sue, home-maker, mother of 3.


“It has really help my child in so many ways. Through the therapy, he has emerged calmer and more secured in his emotions . He gained ability to express and seems to understand his feelings better. 

Elaine’s love and kindness towards my child and her openness in listening and making changes to suit his needs and my concerns.

I as a mum have also learnt how to respond and encourage him better.” 

- Maggie, Legal Professional Service, Mother of 2

As we have helped many of our clients, we can help you.

We have specially designed 2 packages to help your child start this transformation journey.

1) PLAYROOM PACKAGE includes therapy sessions that are held in a child-friendly play room.
2) HOME-BASE PACKAGE includes therapy sessions held in a safe and conducive space in your own home.

A typical session lasts 50 minutes with the therapist working with the child individually. In addition to the sessions with the child, parents consultations and review will also be included.

These sessions will help your child

  • Gain greater self awareness
  • Increased self-regulation
  • Improved mastery of strengths
  • Developed better self-control
  • Understanding their own emotional needs
  • More forthcoming in expressing their feelings
  • Less anxious and aggressive
  • More meaningful and lasting relationships

For this month, we are offering FREE phone consultation (worth $75). Our first 10 sign ups will also receive Capitaland vouchers (worth $10).


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